The Seasons

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The sap rises in the trees. The greenery starts to appear and buds burst. We want to leave the layers of winter clothes and look ahead to more light, warmth and increasing energy.

In the Spring we introduce more yoga positions that strengthen the legs as well as special yoga to strengthen the eyes. We also add side-stretching and rotating postures for inner detoxification. We slowly improve the prana (life energy) and rediscover our strong roots in both hands and feet.


In the rich abundance of summer, we want to spend more time outdoors in the sun’s energy. The light inspires celebrations, barbecues, social life and outdoor fun. Pleasure and relaxation comes to us under the sun and heat.

In our yoga, the stretching exercises continue to open us up and we add more challenging postures to sweat and stimulate the heart and circulation. The flows are similar to a dance and stimulate warmth, joy and personal expression.


When we gather for the Swedish crayfish celebration  the climate has shifted to a more humid warmth. Nature smells of earth and is tuning yellow in color. We reap and enjoy sweet carrots and succulent plums and pears. The nights darken and nature’s energy descends.

In our yoga, our body center becomes the new focus. Our center is the core or the abdominal and back muscles forming our inner corset. A center is necessary for all other directions. We include more balances. Our new focus is also strengthening the digestion.



During the colorful autumn, the air is clear and fresh, and  the energy contracts further. Leaves fall from branches to the ground. The climate gradually cools and becomes dry. We put on cardigans and lip balm and light candles in our homes again.

In our yoga we practice more breathing exercises and relaxation. Breathing represents not only the lungs, but also the quality of the movements, thoughts, emotions and consciousness. In our autumn flows we let go of unnecessary tension and build functional strength.


Under the ice and snow many animals hibernate and the energy is dormant. The sap of the tree rests in the roots. Nature prepares to reinvigorate during the spring that follows. The darkness signals us to slow down, reflect and gather courage.

In our yoga we develop mobility in the spine and hips at the same time we improve feeling the flow rather than doing it. We need heat in the cold climate and work with internal rejuvenating exercises and inversions. We practice meditation for longer periods of time so that the mind can still itself.

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